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What's On Tap

Hand-Crafted Beer, made fresh onsite

With over 25 years of award-winning brewing experience, and using his classic Michigan Brewing Company recipes, Michigan Brewing Works offers a variety of excellent craft beers on tap in our brewery.  From our flagship IPA to the Gold Medal winning Belgian White, Lager, Stout, Porter and everything in between, we encourage you to come in, relax and enjoy our beers on tap.  You can take growlers, corny kegs, 5-gallon kegs or 15 ½ gallon kegs (subject to availability, call before arriving, bring your own only).

Eight Styles of Beer on Tap with Limited Releases at Michigan Brewing Works in Williamston Michigan

Limited Release - Get them while they're here!

Strawberry Wheat

We take our Wheatland Wheat and add a twist of fresh, juicy strawberries for a deliciously fruity flavor that's sure to delight your taste buds. This strawberry wheat beer boasts an enticing aroma of sweet strawberries, along with hints of wheat and malt. Stop in for this summer beer while it's here!

Russian Imperial Stout

Dark and intense flavor.  Flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and well-ripened fruits. You will enjoy the chewy body with a velvety mouth-feel. Our highest ABV beer coming in at 12%.  Served in smaller 6 oz glasses.  Limit 3 per person.  Brewed in very small quantities.

not currently available

Green Tea IPA

Our Green Tea IPA combines the traditional hoppy bitterness and floral or fruity aromas of an IPA with the flavors of green tea. Green tea is added to the brewing process, giving this beer  a grassy, slightly astringent taste and a subtle sweetness to the beer. The result is a unique and refreshing twist on the traditional IPA style.

not currently available

High Seas IPA

Our interpretation of a legendary style ale is not for the timid. Strong, assertively hoppy and dangerously seductive. A skillful blend of three premium barley malts with generous amounts of Northern Brewer and Cascade Hops creates a special ale to satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Superior Stout

All the good stuff and just a little bit more. Michigan Brewing Company is proud to offer this thick and creamy stout with all the roasted, coffee-like flavor you can handle. Need we say more?

American Lager

A beautiful orange-copper colored beer with malty, caramel flavors, balanced with noble tettnanger hops. This Vienna-style lager goes well with mild or spicy foods. Try one by itself or with pizza while watching your favorite sports team on TV. Truly a versatile lager with great appeal amongst a wide range of beer drinkers.

Mackinac Pale Ale

An American variation of an English classic and our flagship beer. A deep golden-orange hue provides the backdrop for a well-balanced, medium bodied ale. Hop flavor and aroma are distinctly American with a spicy, citrus finish. Extremely drinkable and refreshing, this MBC standard is truly a beer for all occasions.

Peninsula Porter

A wonderfully complex, deep ruby red-black Ale. Dark chocolate, coffee-like flavors are complimented by plenty of hop character with a hint of smokiness in the aftertaste. Robust, yet very drinkable. Try one with your favorite grilled meats or vegetables

Celis Grand Cru

Our Grand Cru is a Belgian Tripel that pours a hazy golden color with a creamy white head. The aroma is dominated by spicy, fruity notes of coriander and orange peel, with a slight sweetness from the malt. Its complex flavor profile and satisfying finish make it a perfect choice for beer connoisseurs looking for a high-quality and authentic Belgian ale.

Wheatland Wheat Beer

A crisp and refreshing ale that derives its light but flavorful character from a healthy portion of wheat malt and authentic German yeast. Fruity, spicy, clove-like flavors and aroma give this unfiltered ale its uniquely complex yet refreshing flavors.

Sunset Amber Lager

Bright golden color, well rounded flavor and exceptional drinkability characterize this very refreshing ale. A delicate balance between pale malts and Hallertauer hops creates a very palatable, light, fruity ale. A great entry level beer for newcomers to fine hand-crafted ales.

Celis White

A world-class beer that accurately exemplifies the Belgian-Style Wit, displaying the proper balance of taste, aroma and appearance. This beer reflects the authenticity and natural flavors that were first developed in Belgium six decades ago.

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